Imithe Leis An Taoide (Gone with the Tide) (2023)
Single channel video with audio.
Duration 15m

Featuring footage of eroding coastal regions including Ireland’s Eye and Downpatrick Head in Co. Mayo, the film work ‘Imithe Leis An Taoide’ (Gone with The Tide) 2023 explores animal and vegetal life on lands that are uninhabited by humans, islands that disappear before we have a chance to set foot upon their shores. Referencing the mythological Uí Bhreasail, or Hybreasal, the enchanted disappearing island off the west coast of Ireland, the film work offers the viewer ways to interrupt the disappearing land masses due to rising sea levels, using objects, sounds and devices mentioned in Irish folklore, referencing interconnectedness and dependency on the land.  The mythological island is also mentioned briefly in the Landnámabók, the history of Iceland according to the Norse Viking settlers.

Exhibited at ‘ Home as Land, Home as Island; Traversing Cultures’ 2023 at Annabelle’s Home, Reykjavik, IS, and screened at Magnetic Observatory 2023, MART Gallery, Dublin, IE and Earth Rising 2023, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, IRE.

Created with the support of Fingal Arts Office.