Home as Island; Unwritten Histories (2023)
Performance in collaboration with composer Masaya Ozaki
Annabelle’s Home, Reykjavik, June 2023
Duration 30m

‘Home as Island; Unwritten Histories’ is a call to the senses, a ritual to repair our relationship to the land. Referencing the disappearing oral tradition of Keening (Irish mourning song) and the Seanchaí (the traditional Irish storytelling), the ritual is guided by a sonic response from Masaya Ozaki, to sound work made from biodata of Alpine/Atlantic plants collected in Reykjavik in 2022.

By bringing the viewer into a dialogue on the intersectionality of island histories while symbolically enshrining islands as leaders in the global conversation to preserve culture and heritage the work asks; can the ocean and it's sedimented stories from lands, both near and far, bring us home to ourselves?

Created with the support of Fingal Arts Office and Annabelle Von Girsewald.

Image credits: Magnús Elvar Jónsson